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Tailormade Commissions

Below is a summary of the fees for private traders on the most traded instruments within the Cornèrtrader platform. Our fee structure is based on the service level denoted by your account type. You can review our account and service offerings here.

To review the commissions for every single product and/or market offered on the Cornèrtrader platform, download our complete commissions list..

Commissions (PDF)


FX Private Capital PRO / VIP
 EURUSD  3.8  2.8 Tailor made price –
ex. as low as
0.18 for Eurusd *
 USDCHF  4.8  3.8
 GBPUSD  4.8  3.8
 USDJPY  0.038  0.028

Spread in pips.

*The spread can vary according to the cross, if all-inclusive or fee-based and to the volumes.


FX Options Private Capital PRO / VIP
 EURUSD  12  10 Tailor made price –
As an example: as low as 6 on EURUSD 30 days
at-the-money spread*
 USDCHF  12  10
 GBPUSD  17 14
 USDJPY  9  7.5
AUDUSD  11  9

Spread in pips.


CFDs Index** Private Capital PRO / VIP
 DAX  3  2.5 Tailor made price–
As an example: as low as 1.5 on DAX
and 0.5 on SP500*
 SMI  4.5  3.75
 STOXX 50  3  2.5
 SP 500  1.5  1.25

Percent of traded amount.

**Fractional amounts as low as 0.01 are available. In this case, the spread will be the defined by the dividing the standard spread by the fractional amount.


CFDs Single Stock and ETF Private Capital PRO / VIP
 NYSE  4 cents per share  3 cents per share Tailor made price
– example as low as 0.015/cent
for US and 0.05% EU*
 SIX  0.20%  0.15%
 XETRA  0.25%  0.20%
 LSE  0.25%  0.20%

Percent of traded amount.


Stocks and ETFs Private Capital PRO / VIP
 NYSE  4 cents per share  2 cents per share Tailor made price
– example as low as 0.015/cent
for US and 0.07% EU*
 SIX  0.20%  0.12%
 XETRA  0.25%  0.12%
 LSE  0.25%  0.20%

Percent of traded amount.


Stock options Private Capital PRO or VIP
 EUR 6 4.5 Tailor made price –
example as low as 1.5 for US and EU*
 USD 6 4.5
 GBP 5 3.75
 CHF 8 6

Price per traded lot.


Futures - Options Private Capital PRO / VIP
 EUR 10 6 Tailor made price –
example as low as 1.5 for US and EU*
 USD 10 6
 GBP 10 5
 CHF 12 8
 FFAs 64 59

Price per traded lot.


Bonds Private Capital PRO / VIP
 All 0.30% 0.25% Tailor made price -
as low as 0.10% commissions;
0.10% custody fee/year*
 Custody fee 0.15%/year 0.12%/year

* In the examples, the prices shown are the most aggressive and take in consideration high volumes and high frequency of trading. These can be only offered to clients matching the criteria. When defining the pricing in the PRO or VIP segment, Cornèrtrader takes into consideration several aspects including the trading needs of the client, Exchange, products, frequency and/or volumes traded in order to define the best spreads and commissions Cornèrtrader can offer for a specific profile.

Online Account Statements


Transaction Fees Price
Account Opening to individuals CHF 0
Account Closing CHF 250
Outgoing payments CHF 40
Cash conversion fees CHF 0.50%
Interests on negative cash values Relevant market-rate +7%
Security transfer inter-account
CHF 10 per single position
iCornèr App & Financial research CHF 0
Security transfer in CHF 0
Security transfer out CHF 30 per single position, min. CHF 50
Printed account statement, including auditing reports CHF 50


Further Information

CFDs Financing costs  
CFD Financing Bid/Offer financing rate +3pp / -2.5pp
The bid/offer financing refers to the financing price in individual currencies and is based on floating interest rates that vary for each of them. Our broker uses publicly available and internationally recognised Alternative Reference Rates (ARR) as the basis for calculating the financing rates. For currencies without a designated ARR, a money market rate, monetary policy rate or other relevant financial benchmark will apply as an input. The Bid/Offer Financing Rates have a floor of 0% and therefore cannot be negative.

If you keep a CFD position on single stocks and/or stock indices overnight, that is after the end of a trading day (23:00 CET), financing costs are charged. The calculation is daily but charged on a monthly basis.

The CFDs Financing costs are calculated:

CFD Finance = (Open Position Amount × Price × (Bid/Offer financing rate + (Mark-up or Markdown))) / 100 × Number of days / 360 or 365.

The CFDs financing costs do not apply for positions opened and closed before the end of the trading day (on condition that the exchange on which the underlying is traded is opened) and on expiring of CFDs (commodity and Forex CFDs, and some stock index CFDs).

Details on the mark-up applied to your CFDs positions is visible in the trading conditions of each CFDs product, while the historical CFD financing costs can be accessed under "Historic Reports >  CFD Finance Details" in the platforms.

Borrowing costs on short positions in single stock CFDs  

A minimum rate of 0.50% p.a. is charged on all overnight short positions in single stock CFDs.

Generally, all short positions in single stocks CFDs held overnight, are subject to the cost of borrowing the underlying shares from the market. The fee varies according to the instrument, market conditions and the availability of shares to be borrowed. For instruments that are in high demand for short selling in the broader market, the cost of borrowing the underlying shares may increase.

The estimated borrowing cost on a Single Stock CFD can be found in the platform under the Trading Conditions, as well as in the Trade Ticket.

Rollover on Forex Spot  

Forex Spot positions held at the end of a trading day are rolled forward to the next available business day. For most of FX Spot the rollover takes place at 17:00 EST (New York - standard market convention to define the end of trading day). However, there are some exceptions, for ex. NZD rolls forward at 07.00 New Zealand Daylight Time.

The rollover is made up of two components:

  1. Tom/Next swap points (Forward Price): calculated using market swap prices from Tier-1 banks, plus/minus a mark-up +/- 0.45% of the Tom/Next interest swap rates.
  2. Financing of unrealised profit/loss (Financing Interest): unrealised profit/loss on positions that are rolled from one day to the next are subject to a credit or debit interest. The unrealised profit/loss is calculated as the difference between the opening price of a position, possibly corrected for previous Tom/Next rollovers, and the spot price at the time that the rollover is performed. The calculated rate is based on the daily market overnight interest rates plus/minus a mark-up +/- 2.00%.

The final rates of the Tom/Next and the Financing Interests are used to adjust the opening price of the position:

New Rate = Open price + Forward Price + Financing Interest

You can view the rollover history on your FX positions under the "Account > Historic reports > Forex Rollovers report".

Rollovers do not apply to intraday FX positions.


Carrying Cost on Futures and short listed options  

The carrying costs apply on positions kept overnight on:

  • Futures and CFDs Futures
  • Short Listed Options

Carrying Cost = Margin requirement * days held* (Relevant Interbank rate + Markup 1.5%) / (365 or 360 days).


Holding fees on long listed options  

The holding fees are applied after 30 days of holding positions on:

  • Long listed options (all maturities, both stocks and contracts).

The fee is determined on a daily basis and charged at the end-of-month according to the following scheme:

Long Contract options daily holding fees per million (Nominal Value)


Interest rates

Foreign-exchange rates and Gold


Precious metals, except gold

Commodities, except precious metals

<30 Days Holding the Position






>30 Days Holding the Position






Holding Fee per day = Nominal Value / 1,000,000 * Underlying Category Fee

Options CFDs are also subject to holding fees but calculated on a daily basis.

Details on the carrying costs and holding fees applied can be seen in the trading conditions of the products on the platforms, while the historical rates applied to your positions, can be found under Historical Reports > Holding Fee Details / Carrying Cost Details.


Market Data Fees  Non-Professional* Professional*
Pan European (Bats) Free GBP 26.00
SIX Swiss Exchange CHF 6.00 CHF 16.50
XETRA Deutsche Börse EUR 15.00 EUR 59.40
NYSE New York Stock Exchange USD 1.00 USD 23.00
Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKD 120 HKD 120
EUREX Futures Exchanges USD 8.00 USD 38.48
The full list of market data fees is available in the live platforms.
By default, the quotes on all listed products (incl. CFDs on single stocks) are 15 minutes delay without live market data subscriptions.
The fees are monthly charged.
Exchanges require subscribers to renew their information bi-annually. Before the expiry date, you will be notified via the platform regarding the renewal of a subscription.


Professional or Non-Professional*
In order to obtain Live Market Data Fees on listed products, independently of whether a cost is applied or not, each user must subscribe to the Exchanges of interest and go through the assessment profile to define the type of categorization (if Professional or non-Professional). The final result will determine the type of fee that will be applied. Subscriptions must be done personally by each user. The finality is not to assess the account type but the person accessing and using the market data.
The Exchanges have strict criteria to classify professional and non-professional investors, and these are not necessarily linked to the actual use of the account. These include, among them, the type of profession, company by which the subscriber is employed or the role on the account. They can lead to a professional classification of the subscriber, despite the fact that the account is not used professionally. Vendors and banks must diligently apply these rules and monitor that the classification of each user is compliant with the provisions of the exchanges. For this reason, if the self-classification given by a subscriber is not reflecting the definition given by the exchange or personal data are missing (such as name, surname, profession), Cornèrtrader has the right at any point in time to amend the data, cancel the original subscription and/or adjust it to the correct segmentation, without prior notice. In this case, the monthly fee will be charged according to the correct segment.
Generally, non-Professionals are intended to be only private individuals using the data for personal investments. However, for most of the Exchanges worldwide (included Swiss, Europeans and Americans) private individuals, who are working in the financial sector, employed by a financial institution, independently of the job performed, or whose activity can be qualified as financial advisory (this can be typically the case of independent financial advisors) are categorized as professionals.
Corporates are categorized as Professional, regardless of the type and purpose of the subscription.
Before subscribing, please refer to the rules of each Exchange available in the subscription tool on the platforms and read the criteria applied to them. In this process, Cornèrtrader cannot influence in any way the segmentation rules as defined by the exchanges and must apply these very strictly.