Tailormade Commissions

Below is a summary of the fees for private traders on the most traded instruments within the Cornèrtrader platform. Our fee structure is based on the service level denoted by your account type. You can review our account and service offerings here.

To review the commissions for every single product and/or market offered on the Cornèrtrader platform, download our complete commissions list.

Commissions (PDF)


FX Private Capital Pro or VIP
 EURUSD  3.8  2.8 Tailor made price –
ex. as low as
0.18 for Eurusd *
 USDCHF  4.8  3.8
 GBPUSD  4.8  3.8
 USDJPY  0.038  0.028

Spread in pips.

*The spread can vary according to the cross, if all-inclusive or fee-based and to the volumes.


FX Options Private Capital Pro or VIP
 EURUSD  12  10 Tailor made price –
As an example: as low as 6 on EURUSD 30 days
at-the-money spread*
 USDCHF  12  10
 GBPUSD  17 14
 USDJPY  9  7.5
AUDUSD  11  9

Spread in pips.


CFDs Index Private Capital Pro or VIP
 DAX  3  2.5 Tailor made price–
As an example: as low as 1.5 on DAX
and 0.5 on SP500*
 SMI  4.5  3.75
 STOXX 50  3  2.5
 SP 500  1.5  1.25

Percent of traded amount.


CFDs Single Stock and ETF Private Capital Pro or VIP
 NYSE  4 cents per share  3 cents per share Tailor made price
– example as low as 0.015/cent
for US and 0.05% EU*
 SIX  0.20%  0.15%
 XETRA  0.25%  0.20%
 LSE  0.25%  0.20%

Percent of traded amount.


Stock Trading Private Capital Pro or VIP
 NYSE  4 cents per share  2 cents per share Tailor made price
– example as low as 0.015/cent
for US and 0.07% EU*
 SIX  0.20%  0.12%
 XETRA  0.25%  0.12%
 LSE  0.25%  0.20%

Percent of traded amount.


Futures - Options Private Capital Pro or VIP
 EUR 10 6 Tailor made price –
example as low as 1.5 for US and EU*
 USD 10 6
 GBP 10 5
 CHF 12 8
 FFAs 64 59

Price per traded lot.


Bonds Private Capital PRO or VIP
 All 0.30% 0.25% Tailor made price -
as low as 0.10% commissions;
0.10% custody fee/year*
 Custody fee 0.15%/year 0.12%/year

* In the examples, the prices shown are the most aggressive and take in consideration high volumes and high frequency of trading. These can be only offered to clients matching the criteria. When defining the pricing in the PRO or VIP segment, Cornèrtrader takes into consideration several aspects including the trading needs of the client, Exchange, products, frequency and/or volumes traded in order to define the best spreads and commissions Cornèrtrader can offer for a specific profile.

Online Account Statements
Transaction Fees Price
Account Opening to individuals USD 0
Account Closing USD 25
Interests on negative cash values Relevant market-rate +7%
Inactivity Fee USD 0
Cash Conversion Fees 0.50%


Further Information

Financing Fees 
CFD Financing LIBOR +3pp / -2.5pp
CFD Financing Johannesburg LIBOR +4.5pp / -3pp
CFDs might be subject to different financing and/or borrowing costs.
Market Data Fees  *Private *Professional
Pan European (Bats) Free GBP 55.00
SIX Swiss Exchange CHF 6.00 CHF 16.50
XETRA Deutsche Börse EUR 15.00 EUR 59.40
NYSE New York Stock Exchange USD 1.00 USD 23.00
Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKD 120 HKD 120
EUREX Futures Exchanges USD 8.00 USD 38.48
The full list of market data fees is available in the live platform.
*Professional or Non-Professional 
The exchanges define strict investor classification criteria that differentiates professional from non-professional investors. Vendors and banks must diligently apply these rules, when classifying the users applying to subscriptions for live market data. For this reason, if the classification given by a client is not reflecting the definition given by the exchange, the subscription, consequently the relative monthly fee, will be retroactively adjusted to the correct segment, aligning the investor's classification to the requirements of the exchange. Please refer to the rules reported in the subscription tool on the platform to read more about the criteria applied by each exchange. In this process Cornèrtrader can not influence in any way the segmentation rules as defined by the exchanges and must apply these very strictly.


Forex Spreads may become wider when liquidity drops in the given currency cross or when large positions are traded.

Slippage may occur in instances with extraordinary volatile markets.

The specified margin collateral must be available at all times. In case of exceeding the limits all positions may be closed. Attempts to reach the client will be made if possible.

The bank might change its commissions and fees without providing prior notice to clients.

The commissions and fees are VAT excluded. For clients with residency in the Bahamas, an additional 12% for the local VAT will be added.

In case of transfer / outgoing payment requests for the total amount of funds (without the intention of an account closure), a minimum of 250 USD will be blocked to keep the account opened and the login access to the platform as active. Accordingly to the instruments traded and/or the subscriptions activated by the client, a higher amount can be requested.

Prior to the closure of the account, it is recommended to print all the financial statements and relevant account statements from the platform. Requests coming after the closure might require a longer time to be executed and can be subject to an extra fee.