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Trading with CornèrTrader

The benefits


A Solution Built on Service

At Cornèrtrader, you’ll find that there’s one thing we value most. You. Each customer is a prized asset, whom we support and cultivate with great care. It’s both how and why we do business. This consummate focus on service is built into every solution and comes through in every interaction. You can trade with Cornèr knowing that we’re making an investment in our relationship with you. 

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Powerful Multi-asset Platform

This focus on service permeates and powers our platform. Its award-winning capabilities are designed to help you maximise your impact. Sophisticated tools. Seamless access to the world’s markets. Smart thinking to inform your trading strategy. By giving you the ability to trade multiple asset types from a single platform, we both simplify your workflow and stretch your reach. You benefit from aggregated liquidity from Tier-1 banks along with access to over 80 trading venues around the globe. Trade by trade, you’ll enjoy real-time prices, precision execution and competitive commissions and fees.

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Top Solidity

No matter what asset types or products you trade, you can work with confidence. Cornèr Bank (Overseas Ltd) is a private bank licensed in The Bahamas, with physical presence in Nassau (Old Fort Bay Town Center and 308 East Bay Street), member of Cornèr Bank Group, the #1 bank in Switzerland in terms of capital soundness, as confirmed by The Banker's Top 1000 World Banks ranking for the third consecutive year.

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A Legacy of Strength

Cornèr Bank Group is an independent Swiss private bank group founded in Lugano in 1952. From our earliest days, we’ve occupied a proud place among Switzerland’s – and the world’s – most respected financial institutions. Combining financial strength with a well-earned reputation for attentive service, we are driven equally by our deeply held values and our business goals. A full-service bank, Cornèr Bank Group is active across the whole range of traditional banking services. We have a particular speciality in the private banking sector, as well as in the areas of lending and Visa and MasterCard prepaid and credit cards (Cornèrcard).

With the launch of Cornèrtrader in 2012, we have extended the power of our solutions and service into the growing market for online trading. Cornèrtrader gives our trading customers access to the world’s financial markets, backed by a robust suite of flexible functionality, tools and resources. Equipped to pursue any number of trading strategies, clients are backed by personalised service and assistance provided by Account Executives specialised in trading global markets.



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