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myCornèr: the innovation in financial research

myCornèr app provides financial research and mobile access to your Cornèrtrader platform, using a single sign-in.

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Core Services



Financial analysis, research and market commentaries on more than 5'000 instruments, including equities, indices, Forex and commodities.


Short and middle term financial research based on fundamentals, momentum and technical analysis.


Access to your Cornèrtrader account, possibility to monitor the positions, place, modify and cancel orders.


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In order to benefit from myCornèr services as a regular user, you need to have a live account with Cornèrtrader.

A free 30-day trial of the myCornèr app is available from the App Store or Google Play for those who do not have an account yet. In this free trial, you can explore the services offered and try the Cornèrtrader platform with a virtual deposit of CHF 100'000.

While the use of myCornèr is free of charge for all clients, a fee will be applied for accounts below CHF 100’000 or the equivalent in other currencies for financial research.

For more details about myCornèr app and the pricing model, please visit