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Trade a world of forex products

Trading Forex with Cornèrtrader positions you to seize opportunities as they emerge. Move seamlessly from thought to trade with our more than 160 currency crosses. Backed by our well-earned reputation for service, the whole world lies ahead of you – whether you focus on the majors, minors, exotics or a combination of all three.

Multi-asset trading

Use one platform for your whole trading strategy, across asset types and products. Tap the power and reach of Cornèrtrader to extend into Forex options, CFDs and more. Explore multi-assets confidently with our experienced Sales Traders always ready to help.

Best execution

Doing follows deciding. Global reach, intuitive orders tickets and a fluid combination of liquidity and pricing all add up to orders that are quickly executed - without re-quotes.

TOP security

Be sure of every trade. Cornèrtrader delivers trading power along with peace of mind as part of one of Switzerland's soundest banks.

A selection of spreads (PIP)

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Successful Forex traders know how important it is to build their strategy on a strong foundation. That’s why Cornèrtrader has developed a powerful platform to support you as you develop and execute your approach to Forex trading. With functionality that flexes to your working style, you’re able to take advantage of our dedicated liquidity and intuitive pricing, trade by trade.

That strategy can be as nuanced as you want it to be, because Cornèrtrader offers such a comprehensive range of trading products. Incorporate primary assets and their derivatives, including stocks, CFDs, futures and contract options. Trade Forex spot, Forex options and Forex futures. Even if you don’t trade Forex options and futures, the access to their pricing and trends can inform your Forex spot strategy.

From straightforward to sophisticated trading objectives, our service and platform are designed by experts to help you make the most of all the opportunities available in today’s financial markets.


Get the information you need, when you need it, with Forex news, charting and analysis right at hand as you trade.


Work confidently as more than 99% of trades on our award-winning platform are fulfilled within .01 seconds, fueling efficient execution with intuitive order flows, aggressive pricing and dedicated liquidity. 


Monitor and control your margin requirements with at-a-glace access to your Account Overview.


Trade as you like but never alone, knowing that a dedicated account manager or personal Sales Trade is ready to help. 

Dedicated Liquidity

Enjoy dedicated liquidity - in EURUSD up to EUR 25,000,000.


Benefit from transparent pricing and order execution, with visibility into our competitive spread and superior order execution stats. 

Low Margin Requirements

Take advantage of FX tiered margin requirements as low as 1% on majors.



multi-asset platform

Trade all your desired asset classes
from a single platform.

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