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The ability to build a diversified, multi-asset portfolio is a must for today's trader. At Cornèrtrader, we provide you with a powerful, feature-rich platform for supporting many trading strategies. With sophisticated tools, extensive information and analysis resources, and seamless access to the world's markets, we give you more trading power.

One Platform,
A World of Assets

More than 160 Forex crosses, dozens of FX Options, thousands of CFDs, ETFs, and Stocks from 22 global exchanges, along with Contract Options and Futures. The numbers speak to a world of opportunity.




But, it's what is behind the counter that counts most — a customers-first ethic on which we have built the Cornèrtrader brand. Our deep commitment to personal services means that you are both fully in control and fully supported.

Cornèr Bank Soundness Ranking in Switzerland 1



No matter what asset types or products you trade, you can work with confidence. Cornèr Bank (Overseas Ltd) is a private bank licensed in The Bahamas, with physical presence in Nassau (Old Fort Bay Town Center and 308 East Bay Street), member of Cornèr Bank Group, the #1 bank in Switzerland in terms of capital soundness, as confirmed by The Banker's Top 1000 World Banks ranking for the third consecutive year.



Global reach, intuitive orders tickets and a fluid combination of liquidity and pricing all add up to orders that are quickly executed - without re-quotes.

Fx Options

Fx Options

Take advantage of our deep liquidity and immediate trade execution on live streaming prices – without dealer intervention.

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Our comprehensive range of CFDs lets you trade stocks, stock indices, Forex, ETFs and more – all with the benefits of leverage – from within one seamless platform.

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Cornèrtrader puts you in direct contact with more than 22 of the world’s major stock exchanges. You can trade over 18,400 global stocks.


Stock Options

Cornèrtrader gives you access to more than 400 of the most liquid options on stocks and stock indices in the most exciting markets in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. 



Cornèrtrader enables you to trade more than 250 contracts on live market prices from over 22 Futures exchanges around the world, giving you an advantage in both rising and falling markets.

Contract Options

Contract Options

A way to turn market uncertainty and volatility to your advantage, trading Contract Options can enable you to address both rising and falling markets – or markets without any specific direction.


Digital Bonds

Cornèrtrader gives you digital access to multiple liquidity sources and automatically directs your order to the provider, offering the best execution price.